Little things, and why quiet Sundays are my favorite

Dear friends,

Happy Sunday! Today I am especially grateful for Sundays. I’ve been savoring my time off in the midst of a busy couple of weeks, and today I made sure to get some extra juicy relaxation time.

This weekend has been one of many simple pleasures. The weather has been sublime, which is funny because Thursday and Friday it felt like the whole town was swimming for all of the rain! But Saturday we woke up to sunshine. I wasn’t due at the coffee shop until 11am, so my uncle and I made the best of a free morning and went on a little hike.

There’s something about the mountains here that feed my heart and clear my head. It’s not like we got up very far, or did an intense hike. But the minute my feet hit trail I felt a new kind of energy, like I always do. There’s something about the rocky, gravely, peaty, mossy trail that just feels good underfoot. The vegetation smells earthy and the mountain air is cold, but it gives the same kind of invigorating satisfaction as drinking a glass of cold water on a hot day. My uncle showed me the places where the blueberries grow in August, taught me about the growing cycle of skunk cabbage, and awed about the incredible water-holding capacity of the muskeg meadows.

I can’t wait to hike it in the spring when all the wildflowers are blooming.

Let’s see, what else? I found some treasures for my new house at a community garage sale – in particular a really cool little lamp. When I went into work on Saturday, there was an extra ham, feta, and red pepper scone which I devoured after my morning hike.

Sunday morning I worked on a painting and listened to music. I often times psyche myself out of making art because it’s so easy to put so much pressure on a piece that I become frozen by the expectations I set for myself. But really, when I get started it’s just so enjoyable. I like that I’m relearning how to enter into art-making again. It feels right.

Next comes a particular highlight of my weekend. Picture this – I put on a dress for Mass and a cozy sweater. I pack a small backpack, zip up my windbreaker, wrap my scarf around my neck, and head outside. It’s cold, but sunny, and there is a thick fog. You can’t see the mountains or the channel for all the fog. My breath makes curls into the air and my boots make a crunching sound that seems loud in the stillness of the morning. I catch the bus, and as we cross the bridge that hovers over the channel, you can easily pretend that you have entered into an otherworldly, misty land of clouds. All you can see is white – who knows what will emerge out of the fog? (Spoiler alert: Boats. And the city of Juneau. But it was fun to pretend.)

Heading for a favorite breakfast spot, I had plans to call my mom over a morning cup of coffee and a bite. The cafe was humming sleepily with a few tables of people – not too noisy to talk on the phone. I asked for a table in the corner and ordered my coffee, eggs, and grilled veggies. The sunlight streamed into the cafe and I was happy to blend gently into the background of a quiet cafe on a Sunday morning. It was nourishing, and just what I needed. The coffee was hot, the food delicious, and I got to talk with my mom. At length. Which is perfect for both of us.

The rest of Sunday passed leisurely – walking downtown, going to Mass with my family, soaking up the sun, journaling, meeting a friend for coffee, and then pumpkin carving after dinner with my family.

Life is busy right now, and sometimes overwhelming. And also sometimes confusing. But my friendships are deepening, my family is a gift, and I know that this is where I am meant to be for now. Sometimes it takes a good step back to remind you that you have everything that you need in order to meet the challenges of the day to day life. Thank you, quiet Sunday, for the perspective check.

Thinking of you from #49.

Much love,

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