Some realizations, and the best cheese danish I’ve ever eaten

Dear friends,

I’ve been feeling pretty quiet this week, and somewhat pensive. If we were sitting here together I would be the one asking the questions and you would do the talking. That’s pretty counter-intuitive to the nature of a blog, however, so I guess I’ll try to put some words to this past week. Please forgive the inevitable rambling nature of this post – my thoughts are not feeling particularly linear this morning.

This week has been very good. Lots of blessings! My schedule at the coffee shop is back to normal, and I’ve loved settling into that routine. The girl who I work with everyday is a hoot (or as she would say, “a hoot and a half”) and has become one of my best friends in town. We have our regular customers who we joke with, we tell stories, we dance, we make coffee. It’s a very good time.

I want to jump into the list of realizations, and, to keep myself from rambling, I will actually make a list.

Megan’s List of Realizations

  1. There are definitely people here that I was supposed to meet.
  2. Making art is awesome.
  3. I like making friends in a small town.
  4. I should probably eat more butter.

Probably some of these things seem obvious to you, and looking at my list I think most of them were obvious to me as well. Sometimes I forget things that are very obvious, you know? It’s funny what we need to be reminded of from time to time.

Let’s start with the people. This week has been so cool because I’ve gotten to sit down and have extended, deep conversations with several people I’ve been wanting to get to know more. As many of you know, I love conversations like this. Conversations that make me think, that introduce me to the thoughts of someone else, and that connect me more deeply with a person. In particular, one of my good friends was having a rough day and we met up for coffee. As we were talking and sharing struggles, life, advice, etc., I was struck with this overwhelming sensation that this conversation, this friendship, was part of the reason I was meant to be here in Juneau.

Wherever we are, we are asked to do good work in the world. Sometimes we get to see what it is while it’s happening, which is a huge gift. This conversation was a reminder and consolation to me that, yes, it is good that I am here. There are people who God intended to introduce into my life, and to whom I can offer friendship and care and refuge, and I get to see it while it’s happening. How awesome is that?!? Correct answer: VERY awesome.

Art: I had my first working day in my new studio space this week. It was so, so good. Like to the point where I didn’t realize how much I had missed having a studio space. It just feels different to have a space that’s set apart solely for creating. And I was almost as equally surprised to find that I had ideas. I have art that I want to make. This is an energy that I was doubting I still had, but to sit down with a new medium, to start a new project, and realize how right it felt…that was such a gift. And it’s life-giving. And I’m excited to keep going.

Point number three is really very simple. I live in a small town – we’ve established this. I run into familiar faces all over the place and I love it. So I was at the grocery store by my house (it’s this funky little neighborhood health food store that makes an awesome lunch bar) and I ran into a regular from the coffee shop who lives up the street from me. We got to chatting as we normally do when we bump into each other, and it’s always pleasant. A few minutes into our conversation, we decide that we should just meet up for coffee and actually be friends.

I think the reason why this makes me so happy is because I’ve missed this kind of organic, face-to-face way of making friends with strangers. In school you meet people through class or extracurricular activities or mutual friends. That still happens outside of school, but in Cincinnati it was harder. If I had an interesting conversation with a stranger, chances where that I wasn’t going to just bump into them again. Here, it’s easier for me to build enough rapport with strangers to the point where they become my friends. It fills the need for community in my life in a way that I haven’t exactly experienced before.

The butter comment. Here’s the story: I walk into work this morning to the smell of baked goods, as normal, but I smelled a very particular type of pastry. The kind our baker uses for her cheese danishes. I love. The cheese. Danishes. They’re not super sugary so I can normally have a bite or two if there’s one left over. Our baker this morning knows how I feel about these danishes, and she’s awesome, so she saved me a BIG piece of one.

I ate this danish and my body was STOKED. Something about it was so deeply satisfying to eat, like when you’re craving something but you don’t know what it is, and when you happen to eat the thing the world just feels right. That might sound extreme, but that was seriously the level of feeling that this pastry incited. What I have determined is that my body is craving fat, which makes sense because it’s been very, very cold. And I walk everywhere, up and down the hillside of the mountain and all around town. Maybe this is just an excuse to unreservedly eat cheese danishes? Perhaps not…but I do think I will welcome a little more butter into my life!!

Well friends, there you have it: a collection of random stories from my week. We’re entering the holiday season – I hope you are all doing well. I miss you and think of you often.

Take good care 🙂





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