“Sweet Fire”
“Awake, O Sleeper”
O Heart

The Lord God has made my heart
it is a masterpiece, a fruit of His thought
that thought which is all Goodness, all Truth
Yes, out of the mind of God
was born my heart,
and He has not stopped seeking it.

O, Creative Spirit! Come and visit
this little heart that you made
For she wanders this world in yearning
O, Ultimate Beauty, she turns
to so many things out of thirst for you
Comes and silence the waves,
the cries in the night.

Father, my Father,
you reached into space and time
What a mysterious and merciful love,
to hear the voice of that heart
and come to her.

In a stream of blood and spirit you come,
flowing in and over,
touching the deepest depths,
filling her eyes with light.
It is a call and response,
a dance, a foretaste
of that eternal rhythm,
that feast where
a thousand, ten thousand white doves,
A crown of lilies,
The little heart all in white,
"so your builder shall marry you."

Millennia of love words spoken
but only One that lasts.
Only One that has gone
to the farthest reaches,
into the darkest night
And behold, now He comes
Do you perceive Him, O heart?

All you have searched for
all, everything, fullness of fullness
Overflowing now
And you are running over the hills,
and light, inexplicably beautiful
the Eternal Answer
and at last there is rest,
at last there is peace,
at last.

Like drops of water
on their pilgrimage
from sky to ocean,
perhaps not knowing
who, or what, or why
they are

But when they finally
finally drop into the sea,
When they become part
of the great roaring

Then they will know
that it was never just them
falling aimlessly -
They were falling home

And the ocean was there
all the while
at every moment
watching, arms outstretched
With love
To catch them.

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